3pcs Matte Smooth Lipsticks Set
3pcs Matte Smooth Lipsticks Set

3pcs Matte Smooth Lipsticks Set

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Description: These avocado lipsticks set of small size, perfect to take it everywhere, even in your cosmetic bag so that you can vary your lip color every day of the week and give your makeup a plus, these earth colors are ideal for the day and night makeup, you will look beautiful on any occasion!

Care & Maintenance: Keeping your cosmetics in a cool and dry closet or room can prevent them from deteriorating. Put creams, serum, and other liquid makeup in an easily accessible place in your refrigerator. Touching makeup only when necessary can prevent it from deteriorating quickly. It can also keep it cooler for a longer period.


Colors: Green Avocado 
Benefits: Long-lasting, no fading, easy to color, rich color, waterproof/water-resistant, small size, easy to carry 
Makeup Type: Lipsticks Set 
Occasion: Daily, night, party, going out and, any occasion
Shelf Life: 2 Years 
Quantity: 1 Set (3pcs lipsticks) 
Formulation: Creamy 
Net Weight: 53g