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Mini Avocado Jelly Lip Balm



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Mini Avocado Jelly Lip Balm

Mini Avocado Jelly Lip Balm

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Description: Try this lip balm and enjoy all avocado's benefits in one lipstick. All the vitamins come together in this product to instantly hydrate lips and leave them looking soft and plump. Keep your lips hydrated all day.

Care & Maintenance: Keeping your cosmetics in a cool and dry closet or room can prevent them from deteriorating. Put creams, serum, and other liquid makeup in an easily accessible place in your refrigerator. Touching makeup only when necessary can prevent it from deteriorating quickly. It can also keep it cooler for a longer period.


Color: Green 
Benefits: Long-lasting, easy to wear, bring moisture dry rough lips, keeps your lips soft 
Makeup Type: Lip Balm 
Occasion: Daily care, pre-sleep maintenance, before makeup 
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 
Quantity: 1pc 
Ingredients: Avocado 
Net Weight: 2.7cm