Changing Color Strawberry Lip Balm
Changing Color Strawberry Lip Balm

Changing Color Strawberry Lip Balm

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Description: Give your lips long-lasting sweet color and keep them soft so they look fresh and natural for hours. A hydrating balm with changeable color lip cream and one transparent formula, melting on lips with a subtle natural shine.

Care & Maintenance: Keeping your cosmetics in a cool and dry closet or room can prevent them from deteriorating. Put creams, serum, and other liquid makeup in an easily accessible place in your refrigerator. Touching makeup only when necessary can prevent it from deteriorating quickly. It can also keep it cooler for a longer period. Clean your makeup brushes well with some soapy water every month and place them on a paper or cloth towel to dry. Wash sponge applicators after each use and replace it weekly.


Colors: Pink
Benefits: Nutritious, portable size, easy to carry, waterproof, long-lasting 
Makeup Type: Lip Balm 
Occasion: It can be used for home use and professional workers
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 
Quantity: 1pc 
Ingredients: Natural 
Net Weight: 10g 
Dimensions: 8 x 2.6cm