Whitening Body Lotion
Whitening Body Lotion
Whitening Body Lotion
Whitening Body Lotion

Whitening Body Lotion

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Description: It's time to enjoy a functional whitening cream. Forget about dark armpits and dry elbows, with the use of this whitening cream you can disappear those dark spots on your skin. Dispense an appropriate amount after basic skincare, apply lotion to moisturize and whiten skin, have a gentle massage.

Care & Maintenance: Keeping your cosmetics in a cool and dry closet or room can prevent them from deteriorating. Put creams, serum, and other liquid makeup in an easily accessible place in your refrigerator. Touching makeup only when necessary can prevent it from deteriorating quickly. It can also keep it cooler for a longer period. Clean your makeup brushes well with some soapy water every month and place them on a paper or cloth towel to dry. Wash sponge applicators after each use and replace it weekly.


Colors: N/A
Benefits: Whitening, help to dilute the axillary dull, repair thick pores
Type: Whitening Cream 
Occasion: Use in the morning and evening will be a better result
Shelf Life: 6 months 
Quantity: 1pc 
Ingredients: Glycerin, mineral oil, squalane, titanium dioxide, trehalose
Net Weight: 60ml 
Dimensions: N/A

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